Respiration: Mind Map and Questions

Our Biology teacher, Magdalena Ravagnan, asked us to answer these questions and create a mind map based on what we have been seeing in class: Respiration.

Every living cell needs energy.

Where does this energy come from?

Let´s investigate RESPIRATION.


1 – State the uses of energy in our body.

There are 6 uses of energy in our body that are necesary in order to keep us living. It is used for:

Contracting muscles, so that we can move parts of the body

Making protein molecules by linking amino acids.

Cell division, for growth and so that we repair damaged tissues.

Active transport, so that we can move substances across cell membranes up their concentration gradient.

Transmitting nerve impulses that transfer information quickly throughout the body.


2 – Construct a mind map about respiration. You may do it on a sheet of paper or use any of the tools available such as

You should include:

a- Definitions

b- Types: Aerobic and anaerobic (in muscles and yeast)

c- Equation in words

d- Amount of energy released

This is my mind map.

3 – Explain the meaning of “oxygen debt”

During vigorous exercise you ‘borrowed’ some extra energy, without ‘paying’ for it with oxygen. Therefore the lactic acid is combined with oxygen and you pay off the debt until all your lactic acid has been used up and you start breathing normally.

4- Search in the internet a short video, which explains why the breathing rate does not return to normal immediately after vigorous exercise stops.

This is the video I chose.



1- Text book

2- Take a look at this web page

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