In history class we are studying The Cold War with Lenny. We studied it further and reached the Berlin Blockade. To fully understand this very important event we had to answer some questions. First we had to choose a video which we think explained the topic the most and send […]

The Berlin Blockade 1948-9

In history we started studying The Manchurian Crisis. Our Teacher, Lenny, asked us to answer these questions based on this video. 1) How does the video open? what might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be? The video stars showing Germany invading Poland destroying eveything. […]

Manchurian Crisis

In history class we are studying The Cold War which leant to The Berlin Blockade that happened in 1948. In this task we had to search for all its causes and consequences. First we had to search for a video which explained The Berlin Blockade. After we had to complete […]

The Berlin Blockade